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Tiny Typhoons

From Ages 3 to 5 this is a great age to start working on the fundamental skills that will mold your child's future.  Effort, Discipline, Character, Focus, Self Control are just some of the skills we cover and teach.  But not only in the dojo, how do these fundamentals apply to outside the dojo. What's something you would like us to instill in your child?


Orange Stripe: Memory

Memory: The ability to recall information from the past/ previous experiences.  Like learning how to compete in a tournament, then going and competing.

Arguably memory is one of the most important skills, because with out the ability to remember anything we cannot improve on our previous mistakes and move forward. Using our Memory stripe as a foundation for the weeks to come.

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White Stripe: Disipline

Discipline: Doing the correct thing whether you want to or not.

Discipline, being the next most important stripe, we remember to use discipline not just on the days we are in the Dojo but also in life outside the Dojo. Like cleaning up our toys, and Making their bed, putting things back where they belong (shoes, pillows, the like,) 

If you haven't already, consider having your child doing age appropriate chores around the house

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Red Stripe: Focus

Focus: To look, listen, and understand by using our eyes, ears, and brain.

Focus is not just using our eyes. we need to use our brains and even our whole bodies to focus on anything whether its a task from Discipline week or a target that we are trying to hit. But this stripe goes even more beyond that, we also need to focus on our bodies for different martial arts skills we are trying to learn.....

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Green Stripe: Control

Control/Self Control: Having power over something, ones own actions, impulses, and emotional responses.

Also considered one of the harder stripes to learn, Control is all about being able to catch yourself before you do something.  If student is about to do something that is ill-advised, they need to remember where they are and if its appropriate, have the Discipline to command their own impulses and emotional responses to the world around them.

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Brown Stripe: Coordination

Coordination: the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently.

Coordination physically requires a lot from the previous strips. It takes a great deal of Control and Focus to Remember how to do things correctly and the Discipline to make correction. This is a tricky week where we really emphasize good form.  And good Balance

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Yellow Stripe: Balance

Balance: Having the same on both sides.

Balance is essentially the center point of Harmony Martial Arts. "Perfectly balanced as all things should be." 

This takes a lot of Coordination and Control along with a number of other stripes.  Students will have to demonstrate their ability to kick and punch on unstable surfaces, such as a bosu ball.  But balance goes beyond just the conventional.  The other side of balance week is about teaching your toddler about how to balance life.  Examples of such could be something as simple as a diet.  Like on Halloween we don't want to eat all the candy in one night and we should balance out the candy with healthy foods.

Black Stripe: Fitness

Fitness: The ability to be physically and mentally strong without fatigue.

This is a fun week!  Full of fun exercises, challenging circuit training, and awesome obstacle courses. Students always look forward to this week.  

Blue Stripe: Teamwork

Teamwork: Able to work with others for a common goal.

Students learn about training with a partner. This week students have to exhibit a great amount of control because training involves using a partner as a an Uke (to receive) as in learning how to "attack" their partner safely but so the can still practice their techniques.  Because when students are old enough they're able to move up to the Little Ninjas Class

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