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Why HarmOni Martial Arts?

Lets let the parents speak for themselves!

Kerri Smith:

Our daughter has tried various sports and activities, and nothing caught her interest like Kempo Karate. She enjoys working towards her individual goals, instead of  "scoring goals" Tim, the director/Owner of the Rockland branch is awesome with the kids. Compassionate, enthusiastic, all while teaching discipline, respect, and a skill set that they will have forever. The Junior Instructors are great with the kids, help guide them, and excel in their training, as well as their confidence/self esteem. The kids really enjoy going to class, and look up to all of them. Going on two years, our daughter has come out of her shell.

Paul Merlino:

My kids have really excelled with the extra attention they get here and just as importantly the style being taught is a legit mix of self defense through offense that would stack up against any style! Worth every penny! Great job by sensei Tim and team!!

Tim and his team at HarmOni have had such a positive impact on my sons life. The program is so much more than the art of karate - it's about self control, concentration, goal setting, education, being a good person, and making the right choices in life. The kids really look up to Tim and he can relate to them on every level. He's helped my son deal with bullying and talks to him 1 on 1 after class, or he lets him make up missed classes because he really cares about each individual child and wants them to succeed. He creates a sense of community with the events he does, and the fun bootcamps he has on school vacation days. I would 10/10 recommend this program to anyone!
-Michaela Kerian
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