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Hey There!

My name is Tim Fergason.  I am the owner and founder of  HarmOni Martial Arts. Personally I believe in full transparency so, if you wouldn't mind I'd like a moment of your time to give you a little back story about how I got started and in all honesty what makes me tick. Feel free to find me on Facebook or Instagram.

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The Origin Story

5 I was diagnosed with ADHD and a fair  amount of sensory disorders. (you kids out there with ADHD I feel you.) 

•Training in ’97no lie, to be power ranger.

•Martial arts was so much more than the cool moves we see.  

Focus on an objective, earning a black belt, setting out to achieve that goal, learning the discipline to not letting adversity get in the way. These were all things I learned coming up through the ranks.

 started helping classes around 14 holding pads, training partner etc

At 18 I was put in charge of the children’s program at our Weymouth location. And at 23 I took over our Rockland location and haven’t looked back. 


Martial arts way beyond just punching and kicking.  Learning self defense is a major component of what we do at American Kempo karate academy.  

More of a tool that we use to teach students how to become the best versions of themselves.  

(gesture to the team)examples right here. 


Taking a student who was afraid of their own shadow and instilling in him the courage to not assaulted on the bus, just doing the necessary about to make a statement, “Don’t disrespect me”.  Defended himself

Taking a countless number of little ninjas (our 4–6-year-olds class) who are glued to their parent’s side and afraid to even step on the floor to overcome their fears and become a some best black belt ever seen.  

students feel they don’t belong

Give them a safe space make friends find themselves, confidence. 

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. I could talk about them all day long.


Learning these lessons is not easy.  Anything worthwhile never is. Learning accountability, responsibility, and ultimately how to fail from time to time, getting students to understand these lessons and watching the lightbulb click on in their heads is a truly wonderful experience.  You are the reason for your success and you are the reason you didn’t succeed.  Helping students though the tough times and teaching them how to take failure and disappointment gracefully is an important skill in life that cannot be overlooked.  You didn’t make the team, what could you do better next time.  You didn’t pass your test.  Why not? Did you practice enough, what choice did you make? Screentime on TikTok or put the tablet down and get to work.  When the parents and instructors work together, the kids are the ones who benefit the most.



I want to thank you all for you time. Please if you interested in getting yourself, or your child into Martial arts to learn all of these priceless life skills please feel free to come talk to my self of anyone of the demo team about how we can set up an introductory lesson for you! We are American Kempo karate academy and we teach skills for life!


These are some of our little ninjas. Our 4-6 year olds. In this program our goal is that they learn certain aspects of martial arts like focus discipline control balance just to name a few.  Every week we work on a different fundamental of martial arts to help them build good training habits and character development.


The next group up from our little ninjas is our beginner kids program.  These student are ages 7-12 year olds. While in this class our goal is to help new student build good training habits and also give them confidence in their own abilities. Get them to see their own power but teach them control and when specifically to use that power. The learn different techniques that they must practice and then be tested on in order to move up in rank. 


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