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Congratulations!!  After years of dedication, all the ups and downs, hours of practice and training, you've made it to the infamous Advanced Test.  This is where its all been leading.  These test are unlike anything you've experienced.  It will be hard, and there will be no excuses. BUT IT IS COMPLETLY DOABLE!!!! Countless others have come before you and succeeded.  Your instructors have been there. And now its your turn.  

A couple of key points,

  • Full Uniform, patches and all!

  • BRING WATER!!!!!

  • the whole test is performed left handed

  • sparring gear is required

  • knowledge of the animals, rules, and the meaning behind the logo

Test Preparation Classes 


Rockland Location
Test Prep Schedule

Saturday May 18th, 12:30-2:00

Saturday June 1st, 1:30-3:00 (After instructor training)

Saturday June 15th, 11:30-1:00

Hanover Location
Test Prep Schedule

Friday May 3rd, 6:00-7:00

Friday May 10th, 6:00-7:00

Friday May 17th, 6:00-7:00

Friday June 7th, 6:00-7:00

Friday June 14th 6:00-7:00

Friday June 21, 6:00-7:00

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