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Life comes with a lot of stresses and challenges.  HarmOni Martial Arts, is not only about teaching practical self-defense. But also about allowing you a space to work on yourself, train hard and have fun.  Get in a great workout, but also a cathartic way of letting go and working through your challenges whatever they might be.

Beginner Adults

Ages: 14+

Physical Fitness

Every class we start off with some sort of warmup. In the beginning its about having a consistent routine.  But as time goes on and students advance in rank the exercises become increasingly more difficult.  its meant to push you. Help you build the strength required to generate power in your strikes. And help develop stamina!  

Self Defense Application

Learning how to punch and kick isn't the hard part.  Being able to think on your feet, stay calm under pressure, have the skills to get out of a confrontational situation, are real self defense tools that can come in handy.  Repetition is the mother of skill and every week there is a way to reinforce those fundamentals. 

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