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Beginner Kids:
Wandering Samurai

Ages: 8-13

Students starting their martial arts journey learn not only how to punch and kick. Thats the easy part.  The challenge; as time goes on, and they gain skill and confidence in themselves, they will be tested on what they have learned since day one.  While that might sound scary, students are taught in a way that caters to their individual need.  Making it easy for them to grasp and digest the information and demonstrate it back to their instructors

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Build Skills with Fun Drills= Confidence!

Yes we want to instill, what some kids would call the boring stuff. ie. Discipline, Focus, Self-Crontrol, Respect. But the way to get them open to these concepts is to create an environment where the want to learn. FUN! The different drills they work on in class help them gain an understanding of different principles, and encourages them to use them in every day life.


Respect is a 2-way street. Some people say:

 "Respect should be earned not given!" Other say:

"You should respect everyone the same!"

Every class, respect is reinforced.  From respecting the dojo, to their rank which is a direct representation of their hard work and inadvertently themselves, to respecting each other. HarmOni Martial Arts is about respecting life and everything in it.

Students, are immediately treated like family, friends after long absences, with a warm greeting. We have found that young students crave respect and equality. Once they receive that they gain confidence in their instructor. They will work extra hard so as to meet the expectation, and carry that with them everywhere.

Practical Self Defense

True confidence lies in ones own ability. Students are safely taught how to handle situations that may require them to use their martial arts.  Some of these techniques are over centuries old. But they are safe and easy enough to learn and practice on their own so as to reinforce their skills.  These drills and techniques are markers on their martial arts journey. Only when they show their instructors through testing conditions, that the have a grasp on these techniques, will they earn their rank and learn even more than they expected. And discover their own power to overcome any struggle, internal or external.

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