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Little Ninjas

This beginners class is for ages 6 & 7 year olds. New students will be introduced to martial arts in a way that is fun but also instills in them a core foundation of discipline, Focus, Control, and what its like to work and achieve their goals!

Students learn:

  • Discipline

  • Focus

  • the Value of Work Ethic

  • How to cope with "failure"

  • Fitness

  • Real Self-Defense

  • Following through to achieve their goals!

Elementary school


The word Dojo translates to "the place where the way is taught". Before students step onto the floor they must demonstrate respect for the place where the way is taught.  This directly translates to even in school.  Students begin to carry that lesson with them into their classrooms. They're focus in school begins to sharpen. Students have more respect for the place and the people, which directly impacts their grades.  No its not an overnight transformation, but anything worth while takes time to develop!

Failure vs. Success

Something that is unavoidable!  But like the name of the school suggests, HarmOni Martial Arts is about teaching students to bask in the good and accept the "bad,"...But also to work to overcome those challenges and setbacks.  The Little Ninjas class is centered around teaching students how testing works. Not just in the dojo, but in life.  Sometimes you HAVE TO fall down, so that you can learn to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, grit your teeth, and get back int there. No matter what the "in there" is!

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